Facade cleaning - Zurich

What is Facade Cleaning?

The word Facade here means that it is simply the exterior front side of the office building. And by the term Facade cleaning, it simply means that the process involves cleaning of the front side of the buildings of an office premises. 

Why do you need Facade Cleaning?

The answer is simple, "Because they are dirty." Of course, it’s too simple, the aesthetic need for cleanliness is desired, but the main reason for care is to protect the building facade from wear caused by increasing air pollution. 

We at Züriclean offer Regular cleaning and preservation which is therefore - not only for aesthetic satisfaction - but it is also absolutely necessary. We make sure that we perform all the facade cleaning and maintenance without high pressure hoses. This means facade maintenance without water waste.

What we offer you?

We offer you with a facade cleaning service that guarantees you with no stain on your office premises. Our services give you an assurance that will give you a clean and unblemished facade!

So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a Facade Cleaning for your office premises with our Züriclean guaranteed service.